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Hot on the heels of expulsion of these 41 members, the committee met and discussed ways to devise political strategies to stand up to the current challenges. Whether they should form a political party or a movement is not yet decided. Be that as it may, the current status has precipitated developments towards establishing a novel political identity for the JO as wresting control of SLFP-UPFA is now out of the question as long as President Sirisena holds onto it.    Different ideas prevail within the fold of the JO on the forming of a new party or a movement.  Some fear that they may incur blame for splitting the SLFP which is a grand old party. There are others pushing for a separate movement independent of SLFP or UPFA. They argue that the JO is not in a position to retake the SLFP control. Nonetheless, they need some form of political identity to organize people, and all these factors warrant a new party or a movement.    Mostly, the UPFA allies loyal to MR such as the National Freedom Front (NFF) favour the idea of forming a new party, and speculation is rife in political circles about the symbol of the new party. It is believed that the ‘Lotus flower’ is the chosen symbol.    Let alone the leftist allies of the UPFA who think otherwise; these allies-Lanka Sama Samaja Party (LSSP), the Communist Party (CP) and the Democratic Left Front (DLF) - believe the formation of a new party would be a fillip to President Sirisena as he would be left with no challenge to the SLFP leadership. In such an eventuality, the President would find no other claimant to the party. He would have a free run in its affairs. - See more at: